Republican Appeal to the President

House Republicans have sent President Obama a weird video opposing military cuts and introduced legislation to slash 10% of non-military government jobs instead.  In the Senate, John McCain is said to be working on a similar bill.

This video includes a number of false claims.  It is not true that cuts have already been made: Cuts to dream budgets are not cuts to actual spending.  Note also the use of dollar figures arrived at by combining 10 years of budgets to make possible cuts sound 10 times larger. (Whenever you hear "$500 billion over 10 years," for example, that actually means a reduction of $50 billion in the military's budget.)   Note the pretense that the automatic cuts will all be made to the military, whereas the law actually permits making them to the State Department and other areas instead.  Note the claim that these Congress Members will save jobs by cutting 10% of public jobs, as if military jobs are jobs and non-military jobs are not, even though the same federal dollars produce more jobs when spent in non-military industries. And of course there is no mention here of how enormous U.S. military spending is in comparison with the rest of the world.  Here's the bill discussed in the video: HR3662.

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