Occupy Oakland general strike – live

Thousands of workers are expected to support the 'Occupy Oakland' movement with an attempt to shut down the city

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Thousands of protesters are expected to gather in Oakland, California, for a general strike and mass day of action in support of theOccupy Oakland movement.

Workers, university students and school pupils are all being urged to rally near the Occupy camp, with banks and large corporations expected to be targeted by marches.

The strike aims to "shut down" the city, culminating with a march to the Port of Oakland to prevent the transit of cargo.

Activity is expected to centre on 14th Street and Broadway – whereScott Olsen, a former marine, was hit and seriously injured by a police projectile last week.

Three demonstrations are planned, one at 9am local time (12 noon ET), another at noon, and a third at 5pm. There are likely to be other, spontaneous "autonomous actions" – probably marches on banks and large corporations – taking place through the day.




  • "If we do not organize the great grassroots, we are doomed to be under the total control of corporate America. We have regressed to the days of the robber barons in the early last century -- but this time, these corporate thieves own and control the mass media. We need to organize to prevent an invasion of Iran and to extract ourselves from Iraq and Afghanistan. And we must begin to take care of our citizens." - Former U.S. Senator Jim Abourezk, early endorser of RootsAction.org